2020 Bays and Bayous Symposium

Student Award Winners

Congratulations to the students who won 2020 Mike deGruy Bays and Bayous Symposium presentation awards.

12-Minute Oral Presentations

  • Eric Weingarten, University of Mississippi (first place)
  • Kara Gadeken, University of South Alabama (second place)
  • Karla Lopez, University of Texas at El Paso (third place)
  • Spencer Weitzel, Mississippi State University (third place)

3-Minute Lightning Talks

  • Christian Hayes, The University of Southern Mississippi (first place)
  • Carly Jones, University of Alabama (second place)
  • Skylar Liner, Mississippi State University (third place)

For more info, read the full announcement at http://masgc.org/news/article/students-receive-2020-mike-degruy-bays-and-bayous-symposium-presentation-aw

To Attend Bays and Bayous

You must be registered to attend the symposium. Registration is free. Register here. (If you are a co-author, you likely have been receiving emails about your presentation, but it is possible you have not registered.)

  1. Log in https://bbs20.baysandbayous.org/userlogin. The symposium (with the exception of Wednesday's social hour) will take place on this website using a platform called Dryfta. (The Wednesday social hour will take place on Zoom).

  2. Find the session you want to attend. 
    - From the menu, use Program Schedule, Speakers (click on speaker, "Speaking Engagement," then the title of the talk) or View Abstracts (click on the abstract title, then scroll to the "Associated Session" and click the session title.))

  3. Near the title of the session, click "check-in" to join the session. (Check-in is available 5 minutes before the session starts).

  4. To view a specific talk, click the "Watch Live" button next to the video.

The Bays and Bayous Symposium

Have an interest in coastal sciences? Attend the virtual 2020 Bays and Bayous Symposium. All you have to do is register (click "meeting registration" above), and you can attend from anywhere, for free.

The Bays and Bayous Symposium will focus on coastal research, extension and education in the northern Gulf of Mexico. As a registered attendee, you will be able to view over 160 presentations from scientists, engineers, resource managers, local government leaders, NGOs, graduate students, agency professionals and more. You also can create a personalized schedule of sessions that interest you, use live chat and Q&A features during presentations and panels, attend a virtual social hour and more!

The symposium sessions focus on current research and coastal issues including:

  • Disasters and Disruptions: New research, perspectives and/or updates on human and ecological impacts, restoration, extension and education, and outreach-related discoveries related to major disruptions and disasters (hurricanes, oil spills, pandemics, freshwater inflow) affecting the Gulf Coast.
  • Healthy Coastal Ecosystems: Insights and research about habitat protection, conservation and restoration in light of the inevitable changes to our coasts.
  • Living Marine Resources: Research that addresses management questions necessary for sustainability of the Gulf of Mexico ranging from single species to entire ecosystems.
  • Resilient Communities and Economies: How communities adapt to natural, anthropogenic and social impacts of coastal hazards.
  • Water Quantity and Quality: Assessment of alterations in water quality and quantity, identification of human health and ecosystem impacts, and improved management of the critical resource.

The theme of the symposium is "Sound Science, Sound Policy: A 2020 Vision for the Future," and live panels will include Disasters and Disruptions, The Great Red Snapper Count, Coalitions for Undertaking a Comprehensive Watershed Restoration and Improving Environmental Management, and Science and Policy for Oyster Management.

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